About Me


Derek Goneke has lived an extraordinary life, calls the great state of Tennessee home. Derek has always strived to be more, to be better, and to make an impact on the lives of others. He earned a Masters of Business Administration and has worked over a decade as an account executive for a Fortune 500 company.
His dedication to his craft has earned him numerous awards in his field and propelled him around the globe in exploration. Derek's mind is constantly at work. He has become an entrepreneur and an author. He takes his experiences in business and as a father to craft entrepreneurship and children's books.
Derek's greatest passion- aside from being a self-proclaimed die-hard Liverpool FC fan- is being a father. Not only does this allow him to become a better man, it makes his books more appealing to children.
When he is not busy writing or managing high level accounts, Derek enjoys a quiet evening playing chess, reading and spending time with family and friends.This is your About section. Click to edit and tell your visitors more about what inspires you to keep writing. Did you start writing to record a specific experience? Is there a theme on which you are reflecting?