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Emotional Intelligence

  What is your belief about personal development and Emotional Intelligence?

You've probably met that one high achiever. You both sit through the same daily pressure but he always proves that he comes through unscathed. He has a word of encouragement, always. And he's doing great with other responsibilities. His level of emotional stability seems like an impossible feat to achieve. Something exclusively reserved for him. People, for a long time, believed that adults have very slim chances of changing habits and learning new crafts. The brain cells are concentrated and unable to regenerate. Ongoing research has shown that the human brain, however, has a great capacity to recreate itself and form new pathways throughout the life of a person.That a man can change his pattern of living. That habits can unenlightened and new patterns relearned. That man can recover a lost ability and create new ways to adapt to situations. Man’s ability to identify his emotions and direct its impact has remained a growing concern. Today, research shows that emotional intelligence can be acquired and improved. Creativity, imagination, and visualization are skills that help one develop emotional intelligence. But even deeper than these is the principle of mindfulness.Mindfulness is the ability to access one’s thoughts and feelings in the moment of existence.Think about it like this: you wake up in the morning and begin preparing for work. You keep your mind on each process without thinking about yesterday or the day ahead. It focuses your mind on the present–preparing for work. Mindfulness practice causes you to realize and intentional with your actions. It helps you master your emotions and have control over them. It helps reduce symptoms of anxiety. By improving your self-awareness and self-regulation, you can develop your emotional intelligence. Mindfulness meditation can cause the brain to experience physical changes. This is possible because of the concept of neuroplasticity. 


ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET: Overcome Your Fears and Find Your Freedom

Find Your Passion. Create wealth Are you considering transitioning from "paid employment"?.

 Find Your Passion. Create. Wealth Are you considering transitioning from "the more secure" realm of paid employment to the undulating world of entrepreneurship? You know that you can. You've seen people do it over and over. But consider
Do not abandon your paid job without a plan. Have a goal. And a plan.Think like an entrepreneur Successful entrepreneurs provide solutions to problems. They can see opportunities for wealth creations in the situation around them. And they pursue these opportunities.So, when you walk the path of entrepreneurs, have a goal. And stay committed to accomplishing your goal.Split your goal into actionable steps. Call it a a firm plan. This will be your road map through your journey.Your Your work may change at some point. But it points to the direction of your goal.Entrepreneurs are lifelong learners and researchers.As an entrepreneur, As a producer, you give yourself to learning about the business system, your chosen industry, and your work environment.Don't buy into self-doubt. Self-doubt robs you of the inner energy to make concrete decisions. It destroys your dreams more than the actual risks involved in your business.The Entrepreneur mindset is decisive, open to learning and mistakes, accepts challenges, and takes responsibility. It is centered on improving one's skills.You can develop the mindset of an entrepreneur. This book will teach you to think like an executive. 

Entrepreneur Mindset Be your own Boss



Your parents most likely shared the same dream you have. Your parents most likely complained about it too. Your parents knew they had to do something drastic in order to change that reality. But did they do it? As it usually happens, they surely embraced safe actions and reduced any kind of risks as much as possible. And if you’re reading this, they probably didn’t succeed. One thing’s for sure; their efforts remain present in your memory. Now, think about it. Unless you lived in a really small town, or your parents had the unique opportunity that their kind of jobs allowed them to spend a lot of time with you. You probably didn’t see them around a lot. That doesn’t mean they were bad parents. They were doing their best to either escape the 9-5 or at least make the best out of it, trying to give you the life they thought you deserve. And unlike you, your parents didn’t experience life as it is with the internet.



  A small village boy becomes a superhero overnight. Adeyemi went on a journey with his mother who gets killed by explosives planted by the enemy. Some entered his body and is he supercharged with ions? When the enemies come to fight, his new found super strength (fire roar) scares them away helping protect his Grandmother, young sister and the villagers 



 The inhabitants of Idan have enjoyed three years of peace. Their lands are flourishing and the center of recent developments. Everything works well, until some behemoths from the East, Orins, invade the little village. In conspiracy with the Iyan, the giants take over the farms and the goods of the villagers. They kidnap Ola, Ade’s sister, and take the girl to a high mountain. Somehow, Ade gains a new power and turns them all into sculptures setting his sister free and bringing the village back to its glory. 

The Ultimate Adventures of The Four Friends: The Gang’s Back! More Challenges and DramaDisplay the


 Jacob, Grace, Kennedy and Jane win many championships together. They become famous and are loved by everyone. But their fame is beginning to get in the way of their friendship. When their fans start arguing who is the best among them, it brings division to their friendship. Then, two of the friends get offers to play for other schools. Will the four friends be able to overcome these challenges? Will their friendship stand against fame and opportunities?