On the familiar terrain of Earth, Roesha is reuniting with her lineage and being bestowed with the long-sought talisman—the gateway to a mystical armory. Meanwhile, Aisha Muharra, confronting the dire state of her compatriots at Jaha, resolves to oppose Keith. She pledges an entire legion to ally with the rebels in their struggle against him.

The Moonwalkers, appointed and poised for action, align with Keith, hatching stratagems against the burgeoning rebellion as cries for Keith’s dethronement echo louder and farther.

Upon Galel’s return, he’s met with the sting of the Moonwalkers’ conspiracy. In a surge of righteous fury, he rallies the rebels and declares a full-scale war on Keith’s regime. Concurrently, Jenna makes an attempt to mend fences with her cousin, yet Roesha senses an underlying scheme in her olive branch. Aided by Lady Tyra, who’s privy to the palace’s blueprint, they pinpoint the armory’s location with unerring precision, their determination to locate it burning brighter than the stars.

Embark on this whirlwind of interstellar alliances, betrayals, and war in “Dun Wars: Rebellion Rising.”


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